Enemies of the Human Race - Identify and Banish
The lack of clarity and common sense is all evasive at this point. No one seems to be in charge. As it would appear more and more of them are not even…
"and ancient Ireland knew it all..."
A Modern Art Masterpiece Ignored.
as we approach the Witch's Sabbath of Walpurgisnacht
Reposted here as original articles have been banned from social media platforms.
The New Robo-Phrase which all the Normies and NPCs have been coached to post under videos and comments which make them feel uncomfortable.
Alleged Defense Contractor/Services Intelligence Supplier Forecasts Massive Population Decrease
You just just show up with your curiosity and a sense of humour
A Bit of Spring Cleaning Today Revealed a Prophetic Doodle of Sorts
Before the Internet that is.
The two archetypal pillars upon which the Psychopathic Control Grid stands.