The Simplicity of Dark Sorcery

How a line of trucks in Milan spellbound the entire planet

To me, this is the greatest Black Magic ritual in the history of the modern world and so effectively conveys the power of Magic itself to change reality. In this case, the entire course of a planet. You want to explain to people why Black Magic is real and how it works you won't get a better example than this.

At the start of the Covid Hysteria a simple line of military trucks along a street in Milan in Italy. Just parked there. Doing nothing.

A nighttime photo - and this is important.

No one - officially - said what the trucks were for. So an Inverted Gnosis arose among the masses - and fed by the media - that these were to cart the bodies of many thousands of corpses out of the city to mass graves. The street lights around the trucks focused the cognition of hundreds of millions around the world into a spellbound terror gazing upon them. Yet they were just a line of trucks.

It did not take anything more than this simple - yet highly effective image - to spellbound the bulk of Western Civilization into absolute and total compliance. The trucks became the demons from the Abyss waiting to carry the souls of the damned away into oblivion. Yet they were just a line of trucks.

A show. A performance artwork. A classical mystery-play and the photo - of course - taken in the darkness of the night so the phantoms of the Covid-terrorised mind could copulate and nest among the slumbers of the fearful.

But it was just a line of empty trucks. Everything else about them was a Theater of the Absurd in the Arena of Your Own Mind. With this one simple image the human race was split in two.

If you can see this Sleight of Hand for what it is now...welcome to the Parallel Society. The hex upon you has been broken.