How Covid Revealed the Soulless Among the So Called Spiritual and Neopagan Community

Suddenly their 'Eternal Consciousness' no Longer Existed

One of the more bizarre, enlightening and remarkable aspects of the Covid Global Fiasco and Mind Control Operation of 2020-21 was to witness so many people who call themselves Shamans, Druids, Hedge Witches and even ‘Goddesses’ fold-up like soggy cardboard boxes in the rain as soon as the Globalist propaganda pandemic and hysteria kicked off. People who have spent years – even to the point of selling courses and workshops – about how we all ‘eternal consciousness’ - as well as being immortal souls having reincarnated many times – retreated into a state of primal fear when confronted by their own possible mortality. It wasn’t just a small handful within the alternative spiritual community who suddenly discovered the concept of mortality. It was practically all of them.

As I have been stating from the outset, Covid has been the greatest education ever and nowhere more so than within the so called spiritual community of New Agers and Neopagans. Individuals I know, who in the past, were among the Anti-Vaxxer factions literally were the first to roll up their sleeve for their new spirit guide Pfizer. Who was to save them from death. Which they told everyone around them for years didn’t actually exist until some fuzzy and vague videos taken in Wuhan, China made them forget about their ‘guardian angel’ and ‘eternal soul’. How very quickly they reverted to the most base instinct of kill or being killed with the Lockdown and the experimental vaccines becoming their new gods and goddesses.

One of the most fantastically terrorized individuals I know in this regard is a professional ‘Hedge Druid’ in rural Sligo who sells courses on topics ranging from reincarnation to communication with the Morrigan and Brid. Yet here they were literally hosing down their groceries as they were delivered by the local supermarkets while in a state of paranoia hysteria surrounding a virus which could possibly put their ‘transmigration of souls’ theory into actual practice.

A great lesson to be culled from all this is: that the New Age is an open sewer of hypocrites and dark and primal individuals. Who have little or no actual faith invested within the own spiritual theories which they claim to subscribe to. The nightly news updates on the latest Covid stats soon replaced the venation of their angels and goddesses, as they frantically and hysterically berated anyone who dared to point out that their fears and terrors were possibly over-amplified or even somewhat unfounded. What we discovered about these New Agers and Neopagans, is they are almost all liars and phonies. Remember this next time they are advertising their ‘eternal life’ consciousness workshops. We now know that the chances of most people dying from Covid is around 1%. Yet within that 1% an oracle into the true nature of these individuals was revealed with spectacular clarity.